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Online login

Online login to Compliance Daily Control is available using a personal password and enables queries to be carried out using various criteria. If the name results in the list, the service will display the details provided by the different lists examined, such as the source of the information and the date, geographic area, age (whether available), the list of other individuals or companies involved and documentation in PDF format. If the name is not in the list, the system provides the "Declaration of discharge", a document which shows the absence of the searched name within the selected lists at the time the research was performed.
Subscription is:

unlimited number of requests
valid for one year

Mass control (download/upload)

Compliance Daily Control is also available for mass control.

https access to the lists (username / password)
File format: .txt (.xls for Illegal Gambling Websites List)
Other formats available on request

Web service

The web service mode allows the interaction with the Compliance Daily Control database and it's structured through special functions that allow the customer to independently manage the results obtained from the query. This mode can be easily used to create "integrated" and complex services enabling the interoperability between different software applications on different hardware platforms.


The system notifies by e-mail of any changes occurred within the Anti-Money Laundering Italy Lists signed by the client (individuals and / or companies) among the client's list of monitored names. The list is only accessible to the client safely and anonymously.