Compliance Daily Control provides access to Anti-Money Laundering lists of primary importance in the accomplishment of "Know Your Customer" due diligence.

The service is a key tool to identify and assess the degree of risk - financial loss, legal or regulatory sanctions, damage to an organization's reputation - associated with the failure to comply with laws, regulations, standards and codes of conduct.

SGR COMPLIANCE developed the exclusive Liste Antiriciclaggio Italia (Anti-money laundering "Italy" Lists), the only database focused on Italy, with over 800'000 names of individuals and companies involved in penal crimes on the Italian territory. The database is a key tool for all the banks, companies and financial intermediaries with Italian clients to comply with all the laws against money laundering in force in the different countries.

Compliance Daily Control provides access to the following lists:


Liste Antiriciclaggio Italia (Italian Anti-money laundering list: individuals and companies)

An exclusive and comprehensive database developed by SGR COMPLIANCE with over 800'000 names of individuals and companies involved in money laundering-related penal crimes (i.e. swindles, frauds, usury, extortions, corruption, money laundering, drug trafficking, robbery, mafia, camorra etc). The user can check the clients' name immediately and anonymously to avoid the legal and reputational risk of being associated with this involved people.
The main categories of monitored crimes are:
• Property Crimes
• Crimes against the person
• Criminal organizations
• Corruption
• Frauds and financial crimes
• Bankruptcy
• Drug
Daily updated. Archive: from 2001
Responsibility discharged declaration in case of negative results.

Suspended financial promoters

Financial Advisors / Promoters subject to temporary precautionary suspension, radiation sanctions or definitive suspensions by Consob (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange). The service offers the opportunity to directly consult the official bulletin, regularly monitored by SGR COMPLIANCE.

SGR™ PIL Italian Politicians

The List of PILs contains the names of Italian Politicians or Administrators at the regional, provincial and municipal level and all the mayors and city councils. The database of Italian Local Politicians integrates the List of International PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) in order to get a more in-depth knowledge about clients and avoid potential reputational risks.

Illegal Gambling Websites List

Illegal Gambling Websites List include the updated list of gambling websites which operate in Italy without the authorization of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS). SGR COMPLIANCE on the base of the list published by AAMS, identifies the actual target sites (redirect websites) and any international company related to every site unauthorized to operate on the Italian territory.


PEP Target WorldWide™

The list of PEPs is a clear and comprehensive list of Politically Exposed Persons from over 240 Nations in line with the definition given by FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering). The PEPs Lists include:
• Heads of State and Government
• Executive functions, Governments, Ministers
• members of Parliament
• judicial functions, courts of Justice
• national central banks and monetary authorities
• political and religious leaders
• military officers
• members of the State companies Summit
• Ambassadors
• Ex PEPs
• direct family members and persons with whom PEPs have close ties

SGR™ Sanction List

Sanction Lists include all major financial sanction lists published by official national and International regulators, organizations and institutions (UN, European Union and OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control). Individuals and companies subject to International and National financial sanctions.

Legal Enforcement (warning list)

Watchlists & Blacklists contain "Warning Notices" from financial authorities and supervisors (Bafin, FMA, CBFA, FINMA, CNMV, MAS, FSA etc.),"Wanted" lists from police departments, governments, national and international investigation authorities (Interpol, FBI, DEA, DIA etc.), lists from international tribunals, enforcement actions, disqualified directors and debarred companies from governmental and international agencies.